Eclipse base ball club of elkton roster

The Eclipse Base Ball Club of Elkton is a vintage base ball team that boasts 18 active members. We play base ball by the rules of 1864. Our players range in age from 21-61.

  • 2016 Active Roster

    Name Hometown Member Since
    Glyn "Hammer" Richards (Captain) Mt. Ephraim, NJ 2006
    Tim "Ones" Bower
    Rising Sun, MD 2006
    Bruce "Early" Leith
    Elkton, MD 2006
    Tom "Schoolboy" Duffy
    Elkton, MD 2006
    Jon "Killer" Kilpatrick
    (Vice President)
    Oxford, PA 2006
    Antoni "Shaggy" Sekowski Warwick, MD 2006
    Lee "Brew" Donelson
    Fallston, MD 2007
    Ryan "Pants" Gannon Hockessin, DE 2007
    Erik "Dubs" Myers Elkton, MD 2009
    Lucas "Cowboy" Penny Baltimore, MD 2009
    Jason "Shady" Bromley Oxford, PA 2010
    Mark "Slim" Barczewski (Website) Elkton, MD 2012
    Ryan "Spark" Minsker (Cecil Captain) Elkton, MD 2012
    Chris "Cabbie" Mitchem Philadelphia, PA 2012
    Paul "Fuzz" Lewis Baltimore, MD 2013
    Will "Freak" Loller Elkton, MD 2013
    Steve "Smiles" Pogue (Secretary) Philadelphia, PA 2014
    Leslie "Peter Start" Blackburn Elkton, MD 2015
    Sherman "General" Holloway Elkton, MD 2015

    Associate Players

    Name Hometown
    Anthony Scaramuzzi Mt. Ephraim, NJ
    Marshall Funk Chesapeake City, MD

    Honorably Retired Players

    Name Hometown
    Charlie Cleary Chesapeake City, MD
    Mike Pyle Rising Sun, MD
    Bill Freeland North East, MD
    Gordy Johnson North East, MD

    In Memorium

    Name Hometown
    Alberto Soto Oxford, PA
    On December 31, 2013 a member of the Eclipse family lost his battle with Sarcoma. Alberto Soto was a friend and teammate. He will be deeply missed.  

    Other Former Players

    Name Hometown
    Kevin Lovitz Philadelphia, PA
    Kevin McAlpin Havertown, PA
    Andy Mosiondz Blackwood, NJ
    Jon Fleetwood Rising Sun, MD
    Jon Fleetwood, Jr. Rising Sun, MD
    Tony Brown Wilmington, DE
    Brian Horwarth Newark, DE
    Jon Duffy Newark, DE
    Scrappy Chesapeake City, MD
    Mark Friedly Newark, DE
    Cal Oliver Elkton, MD
    Eric Pressler Elkton, MD
    Brian Presser Elkton, MD
    Mike Phelan Baltimore, MD
    TJ Lanz York, PA